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 Five Rivers is more than a rich, elegant, captivating premium white rum

It’s an experience, a discovery, a journey for the senses. A journey which starts high up in the foothills of the Himalaya, the source of our rum and the five rivers that give us our name. Punjab literally means ‘land of the five waters’. 

From here these five great rivers begin their journey. Travelling down and across the plains of the Punjab they enrich the soil creating the perfect conditions for growing some of the finest sugarcane in the world.  And from this sugarcane comes Five Rivers rum. But this is only just the start of the journey. 



You could say that our story began 1000’s of years ago – that’s how long sugarcane has grown in the Punjab!

The Sanghera family has lived here for generations amidst the lush, green fields nourished by the five great rivers and, for over 150 years, our ancestors have distilled this deliciously distinctive rum, infused with the natural flavours of the land.

The time has now come to share Five Rivers. 100% natural and with hints of orange and green grape Five Rivers has been carefully crafted according to that old family recipe for a uniquely smooth, fresh flavour.

Taj Sanghera, Founder

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Five Rivers Finest Indian Small Batch White Rum

Where craft and authenticity meet style and modernity. Our rum is made with the finest quality Indian sugarcane. Carefully distilled for a rich, smooth flavour it is the gentle infusion of hints orange and green grape that give Five Rivers rum its unique character. Our new, gently tapered bottle and elegant ‘5’ monogram reflecting the five rivers is a perfect blend of tradition and style. 


The Power of 5


 The 5 Rivers of the Punjab

The Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej and Beas nourish the land that provides the finest sugarcane. 

The 5 Generations

Our family has been distilling this unique rum in the Punjab for over 150 years. 


The 5 Ingredients

We use only the finest quality Indian sugarcane from the Punjab, pure water, delicate hints of orange and green grape and a passion born of centuries of tradition. 

The 5 Senses

The spirit of the Punjab lives on in our rum and just like our homeland Five Rivers captivates all the senses. 


The 5 Qualities

Originality, Artistry, Quality, Authenticity, Passion – this is what makes our rum so special. 


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